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Latam Wars Season – Rules

Latam Wars will begin on Monday, January 24th. We invited 64 teams around the world to participate with the Duel Links Latam organization.

☑️ Teams: 15 Players (Mininum 8)
☑️ Formato: 5 players with 2 deck each
☑️ Prize Pool: $800 USD + $200 (Sponsors)
☑️ Top Scorer Prize 💸
☑️ Season January 2022 – April 2022
☑️ Join to Discord Duel Links Latam

1. League Structure

1.1. Match/Format

5v5 (2 Decks each player). You can submit 5 players and 1 sub. Sub player can be used at any moment to replace between one of the original lineup (You must submit decks for the sub as well before the match, along with decks of players from the lineup). Each player must submit 2 different decks. Must be a different archetype (You can’t play harpies + harpies).

Both teams must declare the player that will start the war (starter)

Each game is a one-versus-one game where the loser will have their deck eliminated. The winner must continue with their winning deck until it is eliminated. The loser must either switch to their second declared deck or repeat their first deck. During the entire war a team can only repeat up to 2 times (Check 3.Repeat)

Once a player has lost two duels the player is eliminated from the match. The team must then choose to send the next player. The first team to defeat all the players will win the war.

1.2. LW Phase Overviews

Regular season: This phase consists of sixty-four teams, placed in 8 divisions of 8 teams, which will compete for 7 weeks to qualify for the playoffs. The team that achieves the first place in its division will win a free round in the Playoffs. A full schedule of dates and matches can be found at Discord Duel Links Latam.

Playoffs: This phase consists of a tournament between the eight (8) best teams in each division and the best 2 places classified in points.

1.3. Prize Pool

MVP Latam Wars: The MVP of the season will be awarded 5% of the total prize. Team Champion: The champion team this season will get 70% of the total prize.
Sub Champion: The sub champion team this season will get 25% of the total prize.

2. Time Rules

The war begins promptly at the agreed time. You have 3 minutes to be late, if it happens, the penalties will come. After 3 min you will lose 1 deck, 6min you will start with 4 players only, 9min with 3 game loss, and 12 you lose the game.

Between duels you have 3 minutes to switch to your next deck, if the time is up, you will receive a warning. For the player change, you have 5 minutes to send a new player. If the time is up, you will get a warning.

If after 12 minutes the opposing team does not go to war, it loses by DQ. There are no extra points for the scoreplayer.

3. Repeat

If a player loses the first duel played (0-1), then that player is permitted to repeat the first deck if there are team repeats available. Each team is assigned two repeats, and therefore, can repeat 2 decks in total.

If the player chooses to repeat, the repeated deck will replace the player’s second deck. Repeats must be declared by teams in the match channel, and the team must announce the repeat before entering the duel. If you do not declare the repetition, you will have a warning. If you fail to declare a second time, you will lose the game.

4. Penalties

The team that accumulates 3 strikes will be penalized with -1 life (-1 deck).

Players must use a name that is clearly recognizable to their in-discord names/alias when entering the Duel Room. Failure to do so will result in a 1 strike.

Unsportsmanlike behavior towards the opposition will result in ejection from the game and/or suspension from the league.

If a player leaves the server for any reason, they will have to wait until Monday, the day the team transfers are made. By losing your role, you lose the right to legally play the cons for that week. If you play and the opposing team detects it, your clan will be penalized (The staff will assess the penalty).

(Updated 09/01/22) At any time during the war, the team can decide to remove a player from starting lineup from the game for the substitute to enter but must announce it before doing so. If the team sends the substitute without announcing the substitution, they will receive 1 strike.

(Updated 09/01/22) If a substitute replaces a player during the war and it is discovered that he has not registered decks or did so after starting the war, the team loses the war automatically and will be penalized (The staff will assess the penalty).

5. Special Cases

A match that results in a tie (Example of damage caused by the effect of the evil eye), will be counted as a loss for both teams. If there is a tie during a final match (example 9 to 9), they must be repeated again until 1 wins.

If 2 clans do not reach an agreement between Monday and Friday to agree on a time of war, the Judge in charge will designate an intermediate time between the options that both clans have shown. The decision is final and unobjectionable.

If a bug occurs in the game, both players must show what is happening with screenshots or video replays as part of the supporting evidence. Disconnection case: The player who disconnects will receive a game loss unless he can prove that it was a bug in the game.

5. Cheating

Illegal size of main deck: The player must concede the game immediately upon realizing his mistake. Failure to do so will be a serious mistake and the automatic defeat of the 2 registered decks.
Using a completely wrong deck: The player must immediately surrender upon realizing his mistake. Failure to do so will be a serious mistake and the automatic defeat of the 2 registered decks.
Submitting an incorrect Duelist ID: If the player made a typo, there will be no action taken. If the player submits the ID and it turns out he was playing at another account no registered, they will receive a (temporary) ban from Latam Wars. The Team lose war.

6. Registered Decks

Each team has a private channel on Discord, which is especially useful for registering decks and teams.

(Updated 01/09/22) After registering the decks, send your lineup + substitute (if you use it) and declare the first player. If you do not meet this requirement, you will have 1 strike.

7. Reports/Duel Room

Starting with Season 3, the judges will be in charge of reporting on each war. The team leader must verify the report and notify the staff if there are any mistake.

The judges must create a game room at the start of each war. If there is a streamer for the war, the room will have to be created with 4 spaces (Judge + 2 players + Streamer). This is mandatory.

8. Banlist

The banlist will apply as soon as Konami publishes it in the game. If the ban list was announced on the same day of an agreed war, it will apply until the next week.